Grupo Paraguas


Grupo Paraguas is a group of restaurants of established standing on a national level, with a presence in Madrid since 2004 and that will be crossing borders with two ambitious projects at the end of 2019 in London and Dubai. At the helm are Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, the creators and opinion leaders of a new way of doing – and understanding – the restaurant business in the country.
Nearly 600 employees are behind the engine of the six restaurants that make up the group, all of which have a different concept, style and personality, but with the same common denominator: creating an unforgettable experience for the customer.
“El Paraguas” (2004), “Ten con Ten” (2011), “Ultramarinos Quintín” (2015), “Amazónico” (2016), “Numa Pompilio” (2017), “Aarde” (2019) and “Origen” (2019) are to be found within the international concept of fine dining, which can be defined as: excellent quality cuisine, high standards of service and unique environments in exceptional locations.




Coffee with Pastries

Croissant or sponge cake or home-made pastries

Coffee with Toast or Flute

Butter and jam or tomato and extra virgin oil
*Supplement: Iberico ham, avocado, smoked salmon

Coffee with omelet
Coffee with mini-omelet

Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit, organic granola and chia


Assai palm, banana, strawberry, mango and organic granola


Farmyard fried egg, bacon, chips and pancakes


Salmon, rocket and avocado or tuna, lamb’s lettuce and cream cheese

*All full breakfasts include coffee or tea

1. Orange
2. Grapefruit
3. Lemon
4. Pineapple & Orange
5. Watermelon
6. Mint
7. Lime


• Mango
• Passion Fruit
• Pineapple
• Orange

2. RED
• Raspberry
• Cranberries
• Strawberry
• Hibiscus
• Watermelon

• Mango
• Carrot
• Turmeric
• Lime Zest
• Orange Juice

• Blackberry
• Black Grape
• Melon

• Pineapple
• Strawberry
• Raspberry
• Orange Juice
• Limon


• Spinach or Celery
• Green Apple
• Cucumber
• Melon
• Lime

• Pieapple
• Spinach or Celery
• Mint
• Ginger

• Kiwi
• Melon
• Green Apple
• Grape
• Lemon Zest

Origin Salad

Batavia lettuce, cherry tomatoes, white asparagus tips and red onion

Spanish brown lentil salad with baked pumpkin
and curry and sour cream dressing

Spanish brown lentils with madras curry, half-dried cherry tomatoes, rocket and honey vinegar

Vegetable carpaccio, watercress and parmesan
with citrus dressing

On a bed of portobello mushrooms with a hazelnut oil dressing

Spinach and watercress salad with smoked sardine

With a dressing of cream of almond and garlic soup and melon

Tomato and burrata salad

Fresh burrata with rose tomato

Sardines in extra virgin olive oil
Mussels in escabeche marinade (4/6)
Cuttlefish in ink (6/8)
Cantabrian anchovies (6)
Galician razor clams (4/6)
Sea urchin caviar (12/24)
Steamed cockles (18/24)
Montagnolo and membrillo
Smoked bacalao with half-dried tomato
Smoked salmon and rocket
Iberico acorn-fed cured pork loin
Iberico ham with rose tomato
Artichoke and half-dried tomato pizza

Thin crust with artichoke, half-dried cherry tomatoes, pesto and basil leaves

Pumpkin and gorgonzola pizza

Thin crust with cream of pumpkin, gorgonzola and baked pumpkin

Quail egg and truffle pizza

Thin crust with black truffle, quail’s egg on a leek bed

Wagyu cured beef, rocket and parmesan pizza

Thin crust with Wagyu cured beef and fig chutney

Fish soup

Fish stock, carabinero prawns and Pernot

Fish stew

Monkfish stock, mussels, carabinero prawns and clams

Potatoes with octopus

Stewed potatoes with octopus, edamame and sautéed red pepper

Verdina beans with squid in its ink

Traditionally prepared verdina beans with sautéed onions and squid in its ink

Stir-fried vegetable

Pak Choi, snap peas, Kenya beans, red onion, carrot and shimeji mushrooms

Iberico ham croquettes

Origen creamy croquettes

Sea urchin croquettes

Creamy croquettes with sea urchin and leek

Cuttlefish sautéed in onion

Griddled Burela cuttlefish with sautéed onion and bisque

Galician beef steak tartare

Steak tartare with traditional dressing and extract of caper powder

Tuna tartare

Balfegó red tuna dressed with sesame oil and a touch of ginger

Semolina risotto with boletus and port

Buttery risotto with cream of boletus in port

Truffle eggs

Poached potato, slow-cooked eggs and black truffle

Huelva Carabinero prawns

Char-grilled carabinero prawns

Ajoarriero cod

Cod confit with sautéed garlic

Bilbao-style angler fish

Angler fish with sautéed red peppers and a portion of finely sliced baked potatoes

Huelva white prawns

Char-grilled white prawns

Hake cheeks in pil-pil sauce

Hake cheeks in mildly spicy pil-pil sauce

Clams in white wine

Clams in their shell cooked in white wine with a touch of dried chili

Beef cheeks

Slow-cooked beef cheeks in their juice, served with stir-fried rice

Organic Iberico pork cheeks

Grilled pork cheeks with finely sliced oven-cooked potatoes

Tenderloin in puff pastry

Galician tenderloin with mustard sauce and meat juice

Matured prime rib beef (30 days)

Fasona prime rib of beef matured for 30 days

Craft ice creams (2 scoops)
Spiced fruit salad

Spiced seasonal fruit salad

Selection of Aarde ice creams

Tamarind, Vanila, Gorila, Goat’s milk and honey, Pistachio, Green tea

Seven-spice Chaitillas

Custard with spices and organic muesli

Xocolatl teobroma

Cold spiced chocolate drink

Pistachio and pear Baklava with pistachio ice cream

Turkish pastries filled with pistachios and pears

Returning to the origin

Creamy coffee and chocolate with guava and mint chocolate


Yuca and honey cake with chocolate ganache and sorbet

Fresh sheep’s curd, honey and fruit

Fresh sheep’s curd

Pardina lentil salad, roasted pumpkin with a curry and sour cream dressing
Vegetable carpaccio, watercress and parmesan with citrus dressing
Cheese board
Spinach, watercress, smoked sardine and cream of garlic salad 
Iberico ham
Cantabrian Anchovies
Selection of Iberico charcuterie
Seafood soup
Croquettes of Iberico ham
Sea urchin croquettes
Cuttlefish in sautéed onion
Verdina beans with squid in its ink
Beef cheeks
Carrot cake
Fine mango tart
Apple flan
Coconut cake
Cinnamon floating island

(Traditional or oatmeal)


(Traditional or oatmeal)



Plaza de la Independencia 10, 28001 Madrid
Phone: 910 889 023
Opens: 8:30 am – 2 am
– Breakfasts: 8:30 am – 1 pm
– Uninterrupted open kitchen: 1 pm – 12 am
– And we continue: 12 am – 2 am
Valet parking: Monday to Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm and from 8 pm to 2 am

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